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Wrong Fuel in a Diesel Car

Don’t Worry, We All Make Mistakes

Putting petrol in a diesel vehicle is a very common mistake, but it can also be a super-costly mistake if not acted upon quickly and professionally. Putting petrol in a diesel vehicle can be dangerous and may lead to serious operational damage. Avoid starting your vehicle and don’t panic. You can trust our expert team to be there when you need us. We will come to your rescue!

If you’ve mistakenly added petrol to a diesel engine, you may notice the following:

  • Difficulties starting your engine

  • A large amount of smoke emitting from your exhaust

  • A loud noise when accelerating

  • Reduced power and acceleration

  • Unusual noises such as knocking, pinging or rattling

  • Strong odour which may be noticeable inside and outside the vehicle

  • Engine failure, misfire, rough running or stalling

Stay Safe - Know What to Do:

Knowing what to do in this situation is vital for both your personal safety and to minimise damage to your vehicle. Due to the differences in the chemical properties of petrol and diesel fuel, as well as the engine design, several components can be damaged. Petrol in a diesel vehicle acts as a solvent, reducing lubrication and can cause critical damage to your car engine, diesel pump and fuel injection system.

Starting your engine circulates the petrol through the system, causing additional contamination to other parts. Petrol is highly flammable; contaminated diesel can explode at any time if you start your engine, causing severe damage. Keep the keys away from the ignition so you don’t accidently prime the fuel pump. If damage occurs to your vehicle through misfuelling, it is not covered under warranty and insurance policies may not provide cover. You will need a professional service to safely extract and flush out the incorrect fuel from your vehicle’s system to avoid further damage.

Call the Wrong Fuel Doctor, we will save you time, money, and the need to go to a mechanical shop for fuel removal or significant repairs. We all make mistakes, but before turning them into super-costly mistakes, let us help you 24/7.

Oh My Goodness!

We get it... it is super frustrating, easy to do and can cause serious damage to your vehicle. If you've put the wrong fuel in your car, stop where you are and turn the car off.

Call the Doctor!